Andrea is a creative, easy going and fun photographer. She took my son's senior pictures in August of 2011 and was very open to all of my specific requests for the different shots that we wanted her to take. She went above and beyond just your basic "senior picture" shots, and made the whole session very personal. She worked hard to really draw out my somewhat shy son, and through out the whole photo session she was open to new ideas. It was a real creative collaboration between all of us, and I plan to use Andrea for my daughter's senior pictures in the future.

-Joanne D., Beaverton, Oregon
Andrea has a unique ability to see beyond her camera lens into the very best in a person, draw it out and capture it forever. Andrea has taken pictures of my wedding, pictures of my pregnant belly and pictures of my family every year as it grows. Her God-given gift is a true and lasting gift to others, so when it came time to buy Christmas presents, it was the perfect idea for a friend who had tragically lost most of her daughter's baby photos. My friend and her daughter were elated to have new memories so beautifully documented!
-Cheree H., Portland, Oregon
Andrea is a technically talented and artistically gifted photographer. Her fun, relaxed, and professional nature puts everyone at ease while capturing moments that can be cherished for years to come. She is fantastic at engaging children which is a crucial skill when trying to get great photos of shy or rambunctious kids. I don't consider myself a naturally photographic person but I am so proud of all the photos Andrea has taken of me and my family. The lighting, the settings, the expressions, are all of such fantastic quality.
-Joy P., Seattle, Washington


Andrea has the ability to capture the heart and core of a moment like no one I've ever seen before.  The way she can just pull feelings into the frame is nothing short of amazing.  We hired her to shoot our wedding and there is not one picture we are not delighted with.  Even the ones where we look less than perfect, we look real and the essence of the moments are captured in time.  You know how smells can sometimes bring back a moment stronger than ever and you feel yourself slipping back into that place?  To me, that's what her photographs do; when you look at them you can feel yourself and the moment quite clearly and it’s as if you are transported through time.  

She has truly been blessed by a gift and her sweet nature and genuine disposition is unrivaled by anyone I've ever met.  She makes you feel comfortable and beautiful and confident while shooting because the way she sees you is the way that everyone will see you, and what she sees is the real you-- no pretenses.  She can bring out the best and make it shine, and I count myself extremely lucky to have been able to work with her.  Not only am I ecstatic that our wedding was captured beautifully, I count myself lucky to have met a person like her.  Her attitude about life and community is refreshing and gives me hope that there are more positives in this world than we fully realize. 

Shareefa M., Atlanta, Georgia

Giving birth is a sacred moment, filled with pain, joy, intense emotion, and a need for absolute focus. I am very picky about the people who I want to have in the birthing room with me and when I decided to have a video made, I had complete confidence that Andrea would be a wonderful addition to my team. Andrea is calm, discerning, and utterly peaceful. She is like your most loving, supportive, non-judgmental friend, and as she films and photographs, you forget she is there. You will not regret choosing her for your birth experience!
-Christine R., Portland, Oregon
Andrea made our wedding day in 2009 perfect.  She was comfortable, creative, and so flexible.  It was so easy to keep a smile going for hours when her smile popped out from behind the camera with encouragement.  She was non-intrusive, made our guests feel comfortable and was a welcome part of our celebration.  She was always in the right place at the right time; it was just nice to have her there.  For every treasured memory in our life, Andrea has been our first choice, from our wedding in 2009, to the major milestones in our daughter's life.  She is professional, honest, and a joy to spend an afternoon with.  We cherish every picture.  Her attention to detail is beyond compare, and with her behind the lens our whole family looks beautiful.  A photoshoot with Andrea is fun, creative, and original.  Andrea is amazing with kids, and her ease shows in the end result, nobody feels pressured or forced, she catches a genuine moment of joy in all of us.

-Carli Jo I., Hillsboro, Oregon
Andrea has an amazing ability to relate and engage both the young and old.  She was flexible and concerned in meeting the needs of a family member with limited mobility.  Her joy, creativity, and skill captured wonderful shots of our family.  We are thrilled with both the experience and the photographs.
-Jill C., Kirkland, Washington
We have done family pictures with Andrea several times now. It has been a truly enjoyable experience for us and our six children each time. She is patient and gracious and extremely talented with her lens. She has made what could be a really stressful experience into something fun for all of us. We have always been thrilled to receive our photos from her. Andrea does a great job capturing the family in a natural way, often catching perfect moments between family members.
-Karissa S., Snohomish, Washington
I was well over 8 months pregnant when Andrea captured my beautiful baby bump. I had a few ideas of what I wanted, but Andrea also came prepared with several creative ideas of her own. We had a brief consultation about the shots we'd like to take, then Andrea turned those ideas into art. She confidently offered direction with poses, which really put me at ease because that doesn't come naturally to me. I could not have been more pleased with the results. The photos were even better than what I had imagined and hoped for. I would confidently recommend Andrea Laurita to anyone wanting to capture life's dearest and sweetest moments. She is a masterful artist.
-Amber S., Beaverton, Oregon
When I was getting married finding the right photographer was really important to me. My experience with Andrea Laurita Photography was incredible! She captured our day beautifully and was a joy to be around. My guests even mentioned how they loved her! She listened to my ideas as well as took creative liberties to create memories that will forever be treasured. After such a great experience with our wedding, when we found out I was expecting I wanted to make sure to book her for our newborn photo shoot. During our conversation about newborn photos she asked me what I thought about doing a video documentary of our birth. At first I was a bit skeptical, but now I'm beyond thankful that we decided to do it. We kept in contact as our due date approached and when we had checked into the hospital she was just a phone call away. When she arrived I was relieved at how calm she was as she grabbed her camera and started snapping a few photos. Once the delivery was in full force, she blended in with the nurses and doctors and allowed my husband and I to be fully in the moment. I had total confidence that she would get those first look shots! And did she ever!!!!!!! The few photos she took are some of my absolute favorites and the video makes me cry with joy every time I watch it. Her passion and talent for capturing the moment comes through with every thing she does.
-Sally W., Tacoma, Washington
Andrea has photographed my family several times, and we’ll return to her over and over because she captures beautiful, candid moments like no one we’ve ever worked with. She has this amazing ability to disappear into the background and make you feel like you’re all alone in a field, while still providing gentle direction to get the shot she sees in her minds’ eye. I always feel spoiled that we get to be photographed by a real globe-trotting photojournalist!
-April M., Portland, Oregon
As a photographer myself, I am very selective when it comes to choosing who I would allow to take pictures of me. And Andrea Laurita is my first choice! Working as Andrea's assistant and being her subject, has allowed me to observe her from both sides of the lens. I am yet to meet another photographer whose skills equally match her passion and desire to tell your story. She has a unique way of making her subjects comfortable and at ease, a unique talent in itself. She is professional and has a well crafted eye for capturing the people and places within each image. She sees beyond the lens, has a keen eye, and is genuinely interested in using her talents to serve others.
-Donna K., Sydney, Australia
Andrea has provided senior portraits for both our sons. Each session was filled with creativity and laughter. She truly brought out the best in each of our sons and captured them with artistry and mastery. We highly recommend her to our friends with seniors looking for professional portraits.
-David & Susan W., Snohomish, Washington
Andrea was incredible to work with! She was very patient, gentle, creative and professional. She captured beautiful images of our newborn baby girl. These are pictures that we will treasure for a lifetime. She does beautiful work!
-Katie L., Vancouver, Washington
A high quality camera can be held by just about anyone and you can get some good pictures, but capturing moments and telling a story through those photos is truly an art. Andrea Laurita takes some incredible photos – but more than that, she captures life! I don’t know how many times I have looked back through my albums and felt the anticipation of those moments, the surge of emotion and the depth of joy because it was all captured in that photo. I want more than just great photos – I want to relive the most important moments in my life and I have definitely done that through Andrea’s photos!  My husband and I chose to have our labor and birth photographed. I understand not everyone feels comfortable with that, but the sacred moments of meeting our son are now captured forever and can be relived so many times! Andrea felt like a shadow in the room – she was never intrusive or over bearing. She is extremely skilled in reading people and knowing when to speak and when to quietly wait. Her respect for those moments is what I appreciated the most. She never made it about her or tried to join in our special moments – she slipped quietly behind her camera and captured those moments in a way I never thought possible. She was incredible and now I have those moments forever.  Andrea not only photographed our wedding and our son’s birth, but she has done our family photos on two occasions, shot our son’s baby pictures and even traveled across the world to West Africa to photograph elements of my life in Liberia!  She is the photographer that I would recommend for any and every project!

-Sherri W., Jefferson, Oregon


Andrea Laurita has done several different photo sessions with my family, and each time she has captured our personality and family dynamics beautifully. Her photos are clear and lovely and are evidence of an artist's eye. She is personable and professional, and a delight to work with! I look forward to more sessions with her in the near future!
-Hannah B., Skagit Valley, Washington
Andrea has phenomenal talent, and a heart for serving others to the fullest extent of her capabilities. My photoshoot with Andrea was the best I had ever been a part of. She is fun, genuine and cares about those she works with. We were ecstatic when we got the final product back! She took our vision, and made it a reality beyond our expectations.
-Adam F., Salem, Oregon
We had a great time during our photo shoot! Andrea was professional and very laid back, even willing to adjust her ideas to fit in some of our suggestions. We couldn't have been happier with the end results, she has a great eye for photography, lighting, background, etc. We were not only pleased with her final products but we felt comfortable with her, making it easy for her to get some great candids of us. We were happy to be able to share her photos of us with our family and friends.
-Amanda H., Lacona, New York
One the most talented and passionate people I know, Andrea has a gift in capturing people. She takes her time getting to know you so that when she photographs you, she is able to truly capture the moment and the people.  Andrea has documented some of our family's most precious moments. There is no one else I trust as much to record such treasured memories. From maternity, to new babies, and our expanding family, Andrea's done it all. She is a delight to work with, and I never hesitate in recommending her to others because I know her passion for people and photography is beyond compare.

-Rainy A., Sherwood, Oregon
As a fashion photographer, I know that there are many elements that go into taking a good photo.  Many of those elements can be learned, but one in particular must be intuitive.  You know when you look at a photo and find yourself staring at it; there's something that takes your breath away?  Well, Andrea's pictures - of people specifically - do that.  Something comes through, a sensibility, an emotion, a story.  The connection Andrea has with people gives different depth to the picture, one that can't be learned.  There are great technical photographers and then there are great technical photographers who have an eye for taking pictures that capture a moment you'll always want to remember, and you'll be thankful someone was able to capture it.  Andrea is the latter.
-Marco G., Sydney, Australia
Andrea Laurita is an amazing photographer! She made my 8 yr old daughter and me feel super comfortable during our shoot. So we had a lot of natural shots of joy and happiness shared between my daughter and me. I recommend her highly!
-Stefanie M., Portland, Oregon
Our wedding photo album created by Andrea is our most precious keepsake of that day. Having Andrea as our photographer made the day even more enjoyable, because I knew she would take all the shots we wanted and that they would be beautiful! Andrea made our family a short video about our story and dreams for future missions. Right away she put as at ease while filming. We love how informative, concise and entertaining this video turned out to be. Now we use it when we visit churches and small groups in order to share Our Story.
-Sara P., Bellingham, Washington
My girlfriend and I met Andrea when we were in Australia.  Right away we enjoyed her work, but more than her work actually we really enjoyed her personality.  Laughter and deep talks with her, and eventually our engagement photoshoot made this time together really special to us.  When the time came to prepare our marriage, we thought that she would definitely be the perfect photographer for our wedding.  We just wanted to see her again so badly that we made the easy decision to fly her all the way to Switzerland for our wedding day.  Having her around for our "big day" was so exciting.  Andrea took the most amazing pictures for us!  We and our guests were amazed at her professionalism and proficiency, and the way she enjoyed herself and made friends with our guests despite the language barrier.  As soon as she went back the the USA, she went the extra mile collecting wedding photos our friends had taken to add them to our beautiful album.  We're so grateful for Andrea not only taking our wedding pictures, but also being part of our lives.
-Jack & Sarah P., Neuchatel, Switzerland 
I almost never like to look at pictures of myself.  So finding a professional headshot that I felt good about was hard to come by.  When Andrea came to our home she had ideas of where to take the pictures and how to pose.  I was still a bit reluctant, until I saw what she had done.  She made me look really good.
-Susan L., Buckeye, Arizona
I hired Andrea to travel out to the university program I worked for in hopes that she could capture the essence of daily life there. Everything about the experience was fun and easy and I couldn't be more happy with the final product. She's a professional with an uncanny ability to draw people out and an eye for the simple honesty of a moment. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat.
-Meredith D., Spokane, Washington