Growing up, there was a photo of my grandparents' wedding day on my father's nightstand.  I've studied it a thousand times.  People threw rice on my grandparents' wedding day, and my great-grandfather - whom I never met - was handsome with lines etched around his eyes when he walked his daughter down the aisle.  So much of what I know of my grandparents and great-grandparents is because of the photos they left behind, hints of who they were and how they lived.  I treasure those prints.  They're irreplaceable.

This is how I approach my work.  We want these moments to be remembered, cherished, and shared.  I work hard, and invest in the best gear, so my clients can relax and trust me to value their relationships and seasons, reflecting back to them the story of their lives.

For years I did the 'shoot and burn' method of offering the digital images on a disk and walking away.  But I realized, those photos get buried in Facebook albums and lost in the ever-transitioning technology.  I learned that the most rewarding photoshoots are the ones I can see from concept to custom art.  There's meaning in hanging these photos in the house, on the wall, or having them in an album on the table for anyone to pick up and thumb thru.  Clients who had me photograph their wedding, now thumb thru their album with their children and recount that day.  The priceless moments of the mundane and ordinary, frozen in time, are the treasures you'll cherish when the nest is empty... these are the moments to pass on for the next generations.  There's something special about a print in hand; something that validates our lives as art.  There's something secure and reassuring about having these seasons captured in photos hanging on the wall that remind children they're beloved and they belong.

This is why each of my photo collections includes a type of album, and various options of gorgeous ways to display your photos.  We're not just updating our social media profile photos; we're living!  These lives will be celebrated with art.  This art will be a testament and legacy of our lives.