I genuinely feel alive when I'm behind the camera, capturing moments and recording the stories of people's lives!  I started taking photos as a senior in high school.  Soon after landed the illustrious role of being a LifeTouch studio photographer in the basement of a mall.  When I was nineteen-years-old, I moved overseas.  For a few months I worked in the galley of a ship, sailing the world while chopping beef neck, and peeling potatoes for the crew.  The following two years I traveled, taking photos of various events and projects.  I was hooked.  The discipline of seeing beauty not only in light and composition, but also in faces and relationships... the challenge of portraying the feel of a moment, the sense of a person, the majesty or emotion of a scene... and the immense privilege of getting to tell back that story as a treasured keepsake... this work is an honor.

In my early twenties, I studied Journalism.  From there, I launched wide-eyed back into the world - the ink still wet on my degree.  Years rolled together, as I lived out of my suitcase and bounced from continent to continent sitting with people in the highest and lowest seats of society.  Eventually, I found my way home.  Though the word has taken on a new meaning, I gladly reside now in the Pacific Northwest.  I've lost count of the number of weddings I've photographed, my cheeks often sore from smiling.  I love to enter into the celebration, and get to reflect that back weeks and months and decades and generations later through the photos of that day.

I get to document life.  That's a fine way to spend mine!


photo by Teresa Vick Photography